Farm Fresh

Organic Produce

We offer seasonal organic fruit and vegetables straight from the source. Because our inventory fluctuates based on the growing season you can check our Facebook feed to see what’s popping up at Wolf Farm.

Organic Meat and Eggs
Homemade Crafts

Organic Meat & Eggs

Beef Brisket Per Lbs
Beef Chuck Roast Per Lbs
Beef Hamburger Per Lbs
Beef Ribeye Per Lbs
Beef Sausage Links Per Lbs
Beef Skirt Steak Per Lbs
Honey Pint
Milk 1/2 Gal
Milk Chocolate 1/2 Gal
Milk Chocolate Pint
Milk Pint
Pork Bacon – Regular Slice
Pork Chops Center Cut
Pork Ribs
Pork Sausage Hot
Pork Sausage Hot Italian
Pork Sausage Medium
Pork Sausage Mild
Pork Sausage Mild Italian
Pork Tenderloin
Turkey – Ground


Alpaca Ankle Socks
Alpaca Beanie
Alpaca Boot Insert
Alpaca Boot Socks
Alpaca Color Survival Socks
Alpaca Comfy Socks
Alpaca Glittens
Alpaca Gloves
Alpaca Gloves – Fingerless
Alpaca Survival Socks
Bar Soap
Body Butter
Hand Sanitizer
Lavender Bunch
Lavender Mist
Lavender Sash
Lip Balm Tube
Natural Shade
Salt Scrub

Note: All prices subject to change without notice. Please call the store for specific pricing.