About Us

Our Mission is to create a retail outlet in Southwest Virginia that will supply natural and organic farm and garden materials at reasonable costs.  We stock seeds, feeds, fertilizers, pesticides, minerals, irrigation supplies, row covers, mulches,  and tools.   We will source these products locally first expanding across America as needed only promoting imported products when they cannot be sourced within the United States.

Company Goals & Objectives:

Make it more convenient for local farmers and gardeners to find organic and natural supplies.

Market and sell local products.

Provide excellent customer service and quality products.

Business Philosophy:

Our business will be deemed successful when we make locating and purchasing natural & organic gardening/farming supplies easier for people of Southwest VA, Northeast TN and Northwest NC while also being financially independent and sound.

Our Suppliers

Virginia Suppliers:

  • Seven Springs Farm (www.7springsfarm.com) Spring 2017 catalog web
  • New Country Organics (www.newcountryorganics.com)
  • American Wood Fibers 
  • Sunrise Farms (www.sunrisefarm.net)
  • Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (www.southernexposure.com)
  • Dreamland Alpacas
  • Goshen Homestead Creamery
  • River Mountain Farm
  • My Shepherds Farm


Tennessee Suppliers:

  • Superior Mulch
  • Opossum Bottom Farm & Greenhouse


North Carolina Suppliers:

  • New Sprout Farms (www.newsproutfarms.com)
  • Dirtcraft Organics
  • Banner Greenhouse


Regional Suppliers

  • Nolts Supplies (www.noltsproducesupplies.net)