Animal Supplies

Wolf Farm Natural Elements provides the highest quality organic animal supplies including a variety of supplements and organic animal feed.

Animal Supplements
Bird Supplies
Organic Feed
Non-GMO Feed

Animal Supplements

Beet Pulp Pellets
Chic Grit 10 Lbs
Diatomaceous Earth 50 Lbs
Fertrell Poultry Nutribalancer 60 Lbs
Fertrell Swine Grower 60 Lbs
Fish Meal 50 Lbs
Kelp Meal – 10 Lbs
Kelp Natures 40 Lbs
Kelp Thorvin Icelandic 40 Lbs
Lespedeza Pellets 40 Lbs
Limestone High Cal Feed Grade
NCO CGH Minerals 40 lbs
NCO Sheep Minerals 40 lbs
Oyster Shell 50 Lbs
Redmond Mineral Block 44 Lbs
Redmond Trace Minerals #10 Fine 50 Lbs

Bird Supplies

Black Oil Sunflower Seed 50 Lbs

Non-GMO Feed

CoolStance Horse Feed 44 Lbs
Non GMO Alfalfa Pellets
Non GMO Broiler 50 Lbs
Non GMO Calf Feed 50 Lbs
Non GMO Cattle, Dairy & Goat 50 Lbs
Non GMO Chic Starter
Non GMO Corn – Cracked
Non GMO Corn – Whole
Non GMO Horse 50 Lbs
Non GMO Layer 50 Lbs
Non GMO Layer Pelleted 50 Lbs
Non GMO Layer Soy Free
Non GMO Broiler/Grower Soy Free
Non GMO Scratch 50 Lbs
Non GMO Sheep
Non GMO Swine 50 Lbs
Non GMO WholeWheat
Non GMO Whole Barley
Non GMO Whole Oats 50 Lbs
Non GMO Whole Peas 50 Lbs
Non GMO Whole Roasted Soybeans

Organic Feed

NCO Broiler 40 lbs
NCO Cattle Feed 40 lbs
NCO Goat Pellets 40 lbs
NCO Goat 40 Lbs
NCO Layer Classic 50 Lbs
NCO Layer Corn Free 50 Lbs
NCO Layer Pellets 35 Lbs
NCO Layer Wheat Free 40 Lbs
NCO Rabbit Pellets 40 Lbs
NCO Starter 40 Lbs

Note: All prices subject to change without notice. Please call the store for specific pricing.