Organic Farming

Wolf Farm Natural Elements provides the highest quality organic farming and gardening supplies. We will source these products locally first expanding across America as needed only promoting imported products when they cannot be sourced within the United States.

Cover Crop Seed
Fertilizer & Lime
Growing Mixes & Mulch
Micronutrients & Minerals
Soil Life & Nutrition
Pest Management

Cover Crop Seed

Buckwheat OG
Clover – Crimson Non OG
Clover – Medium Red Non OG
Clover – Medium Red OG
Clover – White Dutch Non OG
Cowpeas Non OG
Hairy Vetch Non OG
KY Bluegrass Non OG
Millet – Japanese Non OG
Mustard – Southern Giant Non OG
Mustard – Yellow Non OG
Oats – Non OG
Oats – Spring OG
Orchardgrass Non OG
Pea – Austrian Winter Non OG
Pea – Austrian Winter OG
Radish – Daikon Non OG
Radish – Daikon OG
Rye – Winter Non OG
Rye – Winter OG
Sorghum SudanGrass Non OG
Sudan Grass AS9302 50 Lbs
Summer Max Mix
Sunn Hemp Non OG
Timothy Non OG
Wheat – Winter OG
Winter Wheat – Non OG

Fertilizer & Lime

Alfalfa Meal 50 Lbs
Allganic (15-0-2) Nitrate Plus 50 Lbs
Blood Meal 10 Lbs
Blood Meal 50 Lbs
Bone Meal – 10 Lbs
Bone Meal Par4 Phosphate 2-14-0 50 Lbs
Browns Fish Fertilizer 1 Gal
Browns Fish Fertilizer 1 Qt
Browns Fish Fertilizer 5 gal
COM Liquid Squid Qt
COM Plant Food 4 Lbs
Corn Gluten 40 Lbs
Cottonseed Meal – 10 Lbs
Cottonseed Meal 50 Lbs
Feathermeal (13-0-0) 10 Lbs
Feathermeal (13-0-0) 50 Lbs
Ferti Seaweed Powder 10oz
Ferti Soluble Seaweed Powder 53oz
Fertoz Phosphate 50 Lbs
Fish Bone Meal 50 Lbs
Fruit Tree Mix 10 Lbs
Harmony 5-4-3 10 Lbs
Harmony 5-4-3 50 Lbs
Ida-Gro Phosphate 0-3-0 50 Lbs
Lime Hi-Cal Pelleted 50 Lbs
Neptune Fish & Seaweed 2-3-1 5gal
Neptune Fish Emulsion 5 Gal 2-4-1
SOP – 10 Lbs
SOP Organic K (0-0-50) 50 Lbs
SOP Soluble (0-0-52) 50 Lbs
Tennessee Brown 50 Lbs

Growing Mixes & Mulch

Bulk Compost
Bulk Hardwood Mulch
Coconut Coir
COM Lobster Compost 1 Cu Ft
COM Potting Soil 2 cu ft
COM Schoodic Compost 1 Cu Ft
COM Sprout Seed Starter 2 Cu Ft
COM Stonington Blend
Perlite 4 Cu Ft
Pro-Mix Organik Potting Soil
Pro-Mix Peat Moss
Vermiculite 4 cu ft

Micronutrients & Minerals

Azomite Granular 10 Lbs
Azomite Granular 44 Lbs
Boron 10% 10 Lbs
Boron Liquid 2.5gal
Cal Plus 2.5 Gal
Copper Sulfate Granular 5 Lbs
Elemental Sulphur 50 Lbs
Elemental Sulphur Per Lbs
Epsom Salt 50 Lbs
Epsom Salts Pharm Grade 50 Lbs
Green Sand 10 Lbs
Green Sand 50 Lbs
Ida Gro Pelletized Gypsum 50 Lbs
Manganese 50 Lbs
Sea-90 Elements

Soil Life & Nutrition

Actosol 2.5 Gal
BioChar Granules 32 oz
Black Castings 40 Lbs
Compost 50 Lbs Bag
Humid Acid 60% 10 Lbs
Molasses – Blackstrap 1 Gal

Pest Management

Azera Insecticide Gallon
Azera Pint
Bird Net Premium 17×100
Bird Net Premium 28 X 100
Bird Net Premium 28 X 50
Bird Net Super Premium 17 X 100
Bird Scare Tape
Copper Sulfate 25% 1 Lbs
Copper Sulfate 25% 50 Lbs
Cueva Copper 2.5 Gal
Deer & Rabbit Repellent
Des X Insecticidal Soap
DiPel DF
Dr Bonners Peppermint
Eco Blend Weed Killer 64 Oz
EcoBlend Weed Killer 2.5 Gal
Ferroxx AQ 50 Lbs
Honey Bee Attractant
Insect Repellent 64 Oz
Milky Spore
Milstop Potassium Bicarbonate
Mouse X Rodent Control 1 Lbs
Neem Oil 1 Gal
Neem Oil Pint
Peach Tree Borer Trap & Lure
Pyganic  Quart
Pyganic 1 Gal
Pyganic 8 Oz
Safer Pyrethrin Soap
Serenade 2.5 Gal
Serenade Quart
Sluggo 1 Lbs
Sluggo 2.5 Lbs
Sluggo 50 Lbs
Sluggo Plus 1 Lbs
Sluggo Plus 5 Lbs
Spinosad 1 Gal
Spinosad Pint
Spinosad Quart
Surround WP
Vinegar – 30% 1 Gal
Yellow Sticky Traps

Note: All prices subject to change without notice. Please call the store for specific prices.