Tools & Supplies

Wolf Farm Natural Elements offers a wide variety of farming and gardening supplies. From hand tools to irrigation supplies, we’ve got what you need.

Farm and Garden Tools
Row Covers
Farm Supplies

Don’t let a dull blade get you down. We now offer tool, knife and chainsaw blade sharpening services. Damaged blades or edges that require repair work will cost more. Items may be dropped off at our store or at the Wolf Farm booth (#24) at the Abingdon Farmers Market.

Farm & Garden Tools

Bedding Fork 12 Tine
Bedding Fork 16 Tine
Earthway Seeder
Lawn Rake

Row Covers

Agro Fabric Pro 19
Agro Fabric Pro 25
Agro Fabric Pro 30
Agro Fabric Pro 34
Fiber Support Rods 8′
Landscape Fabric 3′ x 300′
Landscape Fabric 4′ X 300′
Shade Cloth 10′ X 26′
Shade Cloth 10′ X 34′
SunGuard Black Plastic Mulch 2400′
Tarp Clip-it
WeedGuard Plus 48″ x 500′
Wire Hoop Supports

Farm Supplies

AWF Medium Flakes
AWF Mini Flakes
Fabric Staples 6″
Fabric Staples 8″
Jiffy Strip 10 Pot
Plastic Labels
Poly Patch Tape 2″
Poly Patch Tape 4″
Poly Patch Tape 6″
Starter Tray Solid
Starter Tray w/ Drain
Starter Tray Web Bottom
Stella Natura Calendar
Tenax Hortonova 4′ X 328′
Tenax Hortonova 5.58′ X 328′
Tenax Hortonova 5′ X 328′
Tomato Clips
Tomato Stake
TomatoTwine 6300′
Zip Ties 8″ 100 Pcs


600s Loc Coupling 1/2″
600s Loc ELL 1/2″
600s Loc Tee 1/2″
Barb (.25″) X Tape Loc Adapter W/ Valve
Barb (.25″) X Tape Loc Adaptor
Barb (.40″) X Tape Loc Adapter
Barb (.42″) X Tape Loc Adapter W/Valve
Blue Tape Loc Coupling 1/2″
Blue Tape Loc Coupling 1/2″ W/ Valve
Compression Ball Valve 3/4″
Compression Cap 1/2″
Compression Cap 3/4″
Compression Coupling 3/4″
Compression ELL 3/4″
Compression Tee 3/4″
Compression Tee 3/4″ X 1/2″
Drip End Sleeves
Drip Tape 10 Mil 12″ Spacing
Drip Tape 8 Mil 12″ Spacing
Ejector Punch 0.25″ and 0.40″
Female Hose X 1/2″ Compression
Female Hose x 3/4″ Compression
Filter Hose Fitting
Goof Plug .40″
Goof Plugs 10 Pack
Male Hose X 1/2″ Compression
Male Hose x 3/4″ Compression
Orchard Tubing 1/2″ X 1000′ Per Ft
Orchard Tubing 3/4″ x 100′
Regulator 15 Psi
Siphon Hose Injector
Timer – Mechanical Hose


Berry Box 1/2 Pint
Berry Box Pint
Berry Box Quart
Brown Paper Grocery Bags
Clear Produce Bag 10×15 500 Ct
Clear Produce Bag 12×20 300 Ct
Egg Cartons
Paper Bag 1 1/2 Lbs Tin Tie Window
Paper Bag 2 Lbs Tin Tie
Paper Bag 1/2 lbs Tin Tie Window
Shipper Box 12 Count Pint
T-Shirt Bags Biodegradable 500ct


Axes And Hatchets
Chainsaw Blades
Garden Tools
Loppers And Shears
Mower Blades

Note: All prices subject to change without notice.