Our Mission is to create a retail outlet in Southwest Virginia that will supply natural and organic farm and garden materials at reasonable costs.  We stock seeds, feeds, fertilizers, pesticides, minerals, irrigation supplies, row covers, mulches,  and tools.   We will source these products locally first expanding across America as needed only promoting imported products when they cannot be sourced within the United States.

Company Goals & Objectives:

Make it more convenient for local farmers and gardeners to find organic and natural supplies.

Market and sell local products.

Provide excellent customer service and quality products.

Business Philosophy:

Our business will be deemed successful when we make locating and purchasing natural & organic gardening/farming supplies easier for people of Southwest VA, Northeast TN and Northwest NC while also being financially independent and sound.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Marilyn Wilson

    Good afternoon Steve and Becky! This is your cousin Marilyn and I just read a great article on your farm and really enjoyed it. My reason for contacting you is I was wondering if you could send me information on your body butter. I’m always looking for natural cremes and lotions and was curious about yours. Thanks ahead of time.


  2. carolecarmack

    Neal Reed guided me to you page. I am looking to get seedling cells . I have a small greenhouse and need lots. He thought you may could be of help. Thanks.


    1. Thanks for contacting us. We currently do not inventory seedling trays/cells. I will be placing an order with a supplier that carries greenhouse supplies. If you like I can order some. It might take a couple weeks to get the shipment in. I believe that Mize Farm and Garden Supply in Johnson City does carry some seed starting materials if you need it sooner. Just let me know and I can get the details for the order and pricing.
      Just an FYI, we are currently moving this business to a store in Abingdon from our farm. It will be located on Lee Highway just before you get to the Hospital. We hope to expand our inventory of materials after our move.
      Thanks for your interest and look forward to meeting you.
      You can also contact us at wfne2015@gmail.com.
      Steve & Becky Wolf


  3. Can you sign me up for your newsletter? Davo@ntelos.net
    434.882.1011 – my cell
    I am just 12 minutes from Waynesboro In Afton, VA, have 70 acres with currently 4.8 acres pastures and slowly moving toward farming.
    We sell eggs with our 45 layers and run three cows yearly for friends and family on grass fed beef
    Looking to get non- gas powered mower for field… like a gang of seven rotaries…somewhere cheap. something to pull behind truck or LawnBoy.
    I want to avoid heavy metal ( tractors etc.etc.)
    Thanks for all your efforts

    Dave Cunningham,
    master tax strategist and comprehensive financial planner


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